Welcome to my little corner of the web.  A place where a little Sydney Photographer can share his work with the world.  I don’t really have a single genre – I like landscape photography, underwater photography, wildlife photography, aerial photography, adventure photography, urbex photography and pretty much anything a little out of the ordinary!

An Evolving Home

This place will continue to evolve as I optimise for your viewing pleasure.  Stick with me!


I’m a Sydney Photographer and I love capturing images outside the norm.  Places abandoned or not regularly seen.  Wildlife underwater or at the edges of our planet like Antarctica.  Somewhere scarily high or during a powerful storm.  I photograph for my pleasure as well as for a living.

Get in touch if you need a photographer who will go places others may balk at.  Something unusual, a little risky, off the beaten track.  Chances are I’ll jump at it!


Hello world!

Thanks for popping in.  I’ll try to keep you updated with what I’m up to here.  New places, new images.  Tips, tricks. Answers to your email questions.


My Instagram feed is generally a lot more up to date than here, so definitely jump on board there to stay current.  Feel free to ask anything or say hi via email.  I’m generally a friendly chap!